25 Greatest Working Film Directors (Who Also Happen to be Female)


Dee Rees

The success of Pariah has made her a director to watch. She’s still riding out the wave of having Focus Films pick up distribution for the movie about a young black butch lesbian, but there will surely be more great stories from her in the future.

Anne Wheeler

It might seem odd that the director of Better Than Chocolate is making a film with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but she is. Knockout is a family movie coming out this year. In the meantime, Anne directs episodes of the Canadian series Endgame.

Kelly Reichardt

The director has established a relationshpi with Michelle Williams, who starred in her 2008 film Wendy & Lucy. Their new one together, Meek’s Cutoff, is like a film adaptation of Oregon Trail and hits theaters this spring.

Cynthia Wade

The documentarian brought us the story of Lauren Hester and Stacee Andre, the one that Catherine Hardwicke will be adapting into a feature-length film. Freeheld won the Oscar for best documentary short in 2007, and Cynthia produced two more shorts in 2010, Born Sweet and Forget Me Nots.

Anne Renton

The lesbian director brought us Love is Love, a short starring Jane Lynch in 2007, and now she’s working on Perfect Family, with Emily Deschanel as a lesbian and Kathleen Turner as her overbearing mother. It’s poised for a 2012 release.

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