25 Greatest Working Film Directors (Who Also Happen to be Female)


Léa Pool

The openly lesbian Swiss director was behind Lost and Delirious, but went on to do something completely different in her 2010 French langauge film, La dernière fugue.

Catherine Hardwicke

The director of Thirteen, Twilight and Red Riding Hood has us really excited for her next project: the feature adaptation of Freeheld, starring Ellen Page. It looks like her own version of Hamlet is on the docket first.

Lynn Shelton

The bisexual woman at the helm of the hilarious sexual comedy Humpday directed an episode of Mad Men this year. Her upcoming film has no title as of now, but stars Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt, so it’s obviously going to be worth seeing.

Angela Robinson

The D.E.B.S. director keeps busy doing production and writing work on shows like Hung, but she’s also workign with her partner, Alexandra Kondracke, on the 2012 sci-fi female-butt kicking film Jenbot.

Tina Mabry

The out director’s Mississippi Damned made its television premiere on Showtime this month, and she’s also been awarded a $50,000 grant from United States Artists for her new film, Country Line. She wants Don Cheadle to star in the movie about drugs and sex in a down-and-out city in the South.

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