2013: The Year In Lesbian/Bi Music

Swedish bisexual singer Sally Shapiro released Somewhere Else early in the year and told us she hadn’t come out previously because she wasn’t asked. On if her sexuality influences her songwriting:

“Not on a conscious level. But for example, I prefer songs where it’s not obvious what sex the person you’re in love with has, even though the ‘I’ in the songs in a lot of ways can be said to be typically feminine.”

Similarly MEN‘s Labor was filled with much more personal lyrical fodder than on previous albums. JD Samson told us that was somewhat intentional:

“When listening to the last record after the release of it, I think I kind of realized how exclusive we were to our community in a way. And I thought it would be interesting to try and bring certain ideas to a larger audience and I think by doing that, somehow, I became more personal and wrote from a more personal place.”

"Shred Of Hope" Fundraiser Benefiting Ali Forney Center

Hunter Valentine lost its bassist Vero Sanchez but gained another member (Leanne Bowes) just in time to headline a tour alongside out acts Girl in a Coma and Krissy Krissy. They also scored the opening slot for Cyndi Lauper‘s She’s So Unusual Tour and recently performed at Cyndi’s True Colors: Home for the Holidays in New York City.

Cyndi Lauper And Friends: Home For The Holidays Concert 2013

Goldfrapp‘s sixth disco-pop LP Tales of Us was released along with several videos made by Allison’s partner, filmmaker Lisa Gunning. Tales broke into the top 100 on the Billboard charts and made it to number four in the UK.

Vertu Launches The New Constellation Smartphone

Jessie J‘s Alive debuted at number three in the UK this fall and has since went gold, but has yet to be released in the U.S. A duet with Robin Thicke called “Calling All Hearts” will appear on the album, as well as Jessie’s collaboration with Sia, “Breathe.” More notably this year, Jessie shaved her head for charity and rocked the bald look as only she could.

Capital Rocks - Red Carpet Arrivals

Syd Tha Kid‘s group The Internet released two albums this year: Feels Good and Live From Space. The laidback soul-hop duo toured the U.S. and continues to work with Odd Future.

2013 Sasquatch! Music Festival - Day 3

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