2012 Visibility Awards: Results!


Favorite Fictional Couple: Bo and Lauren (Lost Girl)

Staff Pick: Paige and Emily (Pretty Little Liars)

We love almost everything about the way Lost Girl has treated the relationship between Bo and Lauren so far. It started out as one-sided attraction, blossomed into unbreakable friendship, exploded into unstoppable passion, and sealed itself with an “I love you” from the succubus herself. Lost Girl is almost post-sexual in the way it handles Bo and Lauren. They’re not a lesbian couple; they’re just a couple couple. Here’s hoping they make it official in season three!

Our staff was crazy about Paige and Emily this year, too. When Emily grabbed Paige’s neck by the pool and told her not to look away from her, we were as close to hyperventilating as Paige was.

Best Movie: Kiss Me

Staff Pick: Kiss Me

There’s no doubt about it: Kiss Me secured itself a place in the feel-good lesbian movie canon forever in 2012. The love story was sweet and sexy and oh so organic. No death, no stalkers, no teacher-student relationships, no hallucinations, no cheating with dudes, no accidental adultery pregnancies. Just beautifully filmed lesbian love. We’re still swooning just thinking about it.

Favorite Movie Actress: Sheetal Sheth

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Staff Pick: Jennifer Lawrence

It’s been five years since Sheetal Sheth took our breath away in I Can’t Think Straight, and we can’t think about much else when it’s time to name our favorite movie actresses. Sheth wowed us again in 2011 with Three Veils. Wherever her career leads her, we’ll follow.

Of course, the odds were also ever in Jennifer Lawrence‘s favor last year, especially with our staff. (We love The Hunger Games.) In addition to playing The Girl on Fire, Lawrence also pulled down a Golden Globe nomination for Silver Linings Playbook.

Best Tweeter: Lindsey Shaw

Staff Pick: Evan Rachel Wood

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a star who loves us back, and Lindsey Shaw proved her affection to AfterEllen readers time and time again in 2012, tweeting links to our recaps and posting Paily pictures on Instagram and interacting with all her Shawsters Army fans. It doesn’t hurt that her dog has a Twitter account too, and that she interacts with him on a regular basis. (And yes, Lindsey, we would still love you with a moustache.)

Evan Rachel Wood was our staff favorite Tweeter in 2012, navigating the tempestuous social media waters with charm and grace. It’s not just anyone who can shift easily from biting social commentary to hilarious entertainment insight, but Wood does it with uncommon ease.

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