2012 Visibility Awards: Results!


Favorite Reality Star: Lauren (The Real L Word)

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Staff Pick: De’Borah (The Voice)

There’s something special about a reality TV personality who doesn’t come off looking like an an attention seeking brat, but somehow Lauren Russell managed to do just that on the third season of The Real L Word. We identified with her struggle to define and deal with her non-relationship relationship with her BFF-with-benefits. And we kind of coveted her style. We were even interested in her career: She’s a high-end jewelry designer who created a product line to help promote LGBT equality.

Our staff also really loved androgynous The Voice contestant De’Borah. She is the lesbian daughter of two pastors and she has managed to reconcile her faith and her sexuality. She also knows how to rock a suit and tie.

Favorite Reality Series: The Real L Word

Staff Pick: The Real L Word

Say what you want about The Real L Word (and we have), but no other reality show on TV gives us as much to talk about as the lesbian ladies of the Showtime series. We actually found ourselves actively rooting for the show’s stars this year. TRLW might not capture the queer experience for every lesbian viewer (or even most lesbian viewers), but we just cannot look away from the talking, laughing, loving, breathing, fighting, fucking, crying, and drinking of the women of West Hollywood. (And NYC!)

Favorite Lesbian/Bi TV Character: Paige McCullers (Pretty Little Liars)

Staff Pick: Lana Winters (American Horror Story: Asylum)

In vain, we struggled against our affections for Pretty Little Liars‘ Paige McCullers. The anger we felt when she shoved Emily’s head underwater, the shock we experienced when she sneaked into Emily’s car to kiss her that first time, the sadness we shouldered when she couldn’t come out of the closet to stand by Emily’s side: all of the negative emotions were washed away like we were riding our bikes in the rain when Paige returned to Rosewood at the end of season two. This year we learned how Ali bullied her into self-loathing homophobia, we learned how she would lay down her life for the woman she loves, we learned how she really likes coconut cupcakes. We felt her wounds and we watched her heal and we saw ourselves in her hopes and fears.

Though the terrifying and grotesque imagery in American Horror Story: Asylum has been, at times, just a bit too much, our staff hasn’t stopped watching because we want to see the (self-described) plucky heroine, Lana Winters, survive and win! Actress Sarah Paulson has imbued the character of Lana with just the right combination of fortitude and vulnerability as she’s gone through literal hell. Yes, we admit that we have a collective weakness for relentless lady journalists battling corrupt institutions (and 1960s homophobia), but can you blame us?

Hottest Hookup: Bo and Lauren (Lost Girl)

Staff Pick: Lana and Kalinda (The Good Wife)

Oh, Canada! Thank you for letting lesbian couples have sex with the lights on! Otherwise, how would we have known how scorching hot the hookup was between Bo and Lauren when their long-simmering chemistry gave way to an explosion of passion and pants pulling and lip biting and abs and bras and writhing and panting and perfection.

Our staff would also like to thank CBS for letting Lana and Kalinda give in to their feelings. We needed that visual to carry us through the long, cold nights of wondering what the hell Kalinda was doing with that ex-husband of hers.

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