2012 Visibility Awards: Results!


Best Ally: Lana Parrilla

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Staff Pick: Hillary Clinton

Lana Parrilla might play an Evil Queen on TV (Once Upon a Time), but in real life, she’s one of the good guys. The actress has become a vocal supporter of LGBT rights, even speaking at a Human Rights Campaign gala last summer where she said, “I’ve always loved fairy tales because they often feature characters who triumph over adversity. I want to continue to make a difference. I support equal rights, and marriage equality.” She has also embraced her lesbian fan base with a wide smile and open arms.

And, of course, our staff was as moony eyed as ever over Hillary Clinton this year, because before President Obama spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage, and before Vice-President Biden spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage, Madam Secretary Clinton was traveling the globe and demanding equal treatment for gay people. Clinton 2016!

Favorite TV Drama: Lost Girl

Staff Pick: Pretty Little Liars

When American cable network Syfy imported Lost Girl from Canada, it was only a matter of time before every lesbian on earth began seeking out a portal to the fae world. Sure, there’s darkness and danger and demons galore, but there’s also a bisexual, leather-clad succubus to keep you safe and a lesbian doctor called Hot Pants to heal your weary soul. Not only is Lost Girl one of the only female-fronted superhero shows since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is also a show that doesn’t make an issue out of sexuality. Folks are folks and fae are fae and love is love is love.

It’s also no surprise that our staff continued to go gaga over ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, especially since our little lesbian sleuth Emily Fields (and her coconut cupcake-seeking girlfriend Paige McCullers) were at the center of the drama during season three.

Favorite TV Comedy: Modern Family

Staff Pick: Underemployed

There’s a lot to love about ABC’s Modern Family, as proven year after year when the sitcom racks up Emmy and Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award nominations. Sure, we’re crazy about gay couple Cam and Mitch. But we’re also smitten with the hijinks and pathos of the rest of the Pritchard/Dunphy clan. The show makes us laugh. It makes us cry. It also sometimes gives us clown-shaped nightmares. (Thanks a lot, Fizbo.)

MTV’s Underemployed was universally beloved by our staff in 2012. At the center of the post-college story is disgruntled wannabe writer Sophia, who, in addition to sharing her friends’ stories with the audience, also found time to fall in love with a woman and come out as a lesbian in season one.

Favorite TV Actress: Anna Silk

Staff Pick: Lindsey Shaw

Sure, we love Lost Girl‘s resident badass fae, Bo Dennis. And yeah, we appreciate the way her outfits accentuate her assets. But we’re also pretty crazy about the woman who makes the character (and the leather) come to life. Anna Silk is a warm, articulate, hilarious actress who is as beloved for real-life wit and charm as she is for the character she plays. (Just ask anyone who’s ever seen her at a comics convention.) Best of all, Silk is an outspoken advocate of equality.

Pretty Little Liars‘ Lindsey Shaw captured our staff’s heart in 2012. When she wasn’t name-dropping Paily on red carpets or reaching out to lesbian and bisexual fans on Twitter or attending LGBT charity events or posing for Noh8 photos or inhabiting Paige McCullers, she was — actually, we have no idea what she was doing with the rest of her time. That seems like a pretty full year to us.

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