2012: The Year in Lesbian/Bi Music


Out on TV

Despite having been together for three previous albums, Hunter Valentine went through some major growing pains in the past year before releasing Collide & Conquer. Their evolution was televised, as the band added a keyboardist on The Real L Word before ultimately deciding she wasn’t the best fit for the band. But Somer Bingham recorded the 2012 album with Kiyomi McCloskey, Laura Petracca and Vero Sanchez, which was a classic rock meets post punk record accompanied by a tour of fans of both the music and the Showtime series.

Being on TV didn’t hurt Heather Peace‘s music career either, as her contemporary jazz-pop LP Fairytales was a favorite among Lip Service fans in 2012. A fan of sweeping gospel-esque songs like “Thank God for You” to the slow romance of the title track, Heather showed she’s not a one-trick pony on her second CD.

Bisexual Brit Jessie J joined the judging panel of The Voice UK and put on an international tour throughout the year. She performed in front of the Queen of England and the world as part of the 2012 Olympic Ceremony and continues to be forthcoming about her sexuality as reporters seem keen on reconfirming it time and time again.

In the U.S., De’Borah Garner came out on The Voice before getting picked for Team Christina. Although she didn’t make it through to the end, out women won The Voice in both Holland and Brazil this year.

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Former Voice and American Idol contestant Frenchie Davis came out as bisexual and in a relationship with a woman. Although her album is still forthcoming, she released her single “Love’s Got a Hold on Me” this year as well as a holiday recording of “Ave Maria.”

Out musician Dani Shay was a contestant on The Glee Project in its second season, but only made it through a few episodes before getting the boot. In a twiste of fate, however, the show gave her more of a platform for her own songwriting and introduced her to her new girlfriend and muse, Ali Stroker. The two announced their relationship in Dani’s just-released music video for “One” and recorded a duet together on Dani’s One: The Winter EP.

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