2011 Year in Review: Music

Kreayshawn came forward with another viral hit this year in “Gucci Gucci.” The out performer from the Bay Area is decidedly without a label, but is open about her relationships with women. She made some bizarre statements to Complex magazine this year (which she later recanted): “… I’m not a raging lesbian, I can tell you that. I’m an occasional lesbian, but it’s more for me about a personal connection. I’m a creative person. I’m a busy person. I’m not seeking anything out be it color or gender or anything. I’m just out here in the free world doing the free thing.” Kreyshawn’s new album is being readied for release in 2012 on a major label. In the meantime, she’s been on magazine covers and the subject of curiosity by all kinds of new fans.

She didn’t release a new album this year, but out songstress Sia appeared on The Voice as a guest coach/judge alongside her friend Christina Aguilera. She also toured throughout the year and is working on a new album with Kate Pierson of The B-52s.

Sia wasn’t the only out singer on The Voice, though. The show, which was a huge hit for NBC, had two lesbian performers in the top 10. Vicci Martinez placed third at the show’s end, and told us she never once thought to put herself back in the closet for the show. “I’m not going to hide it,” she told us. “I’ve been very public about it and I’ve had people say, ‘Well, why don’t you just keep them guessing? You can hit all the markets.’ No. Especially if you’re with somebody; it’s so disrespectful. It was hard for me coming out to my parents and for me, I’ve already gone through that hurdle and I’m not going to go through it again.” Vicci’s competitor, Beverly McClellan, wowed with her renditions of Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin songs. In May, she talked with us about her partner’s presence on the show backstage. “She’s my every day. I would never deny her. I don’t live like that. She is my life. It was a no-brainer for me. I’m going to live who I am.” Beverly just released her new album, Fear Nothing.

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