2010 Year in Review: Music



It’s true that Melissa Etheridge split from wife Tammy Lynn-Michaels this year, but she tried her best to not let that overshadow the release of her 2010 album, Fearless Love. It peaked at number seven on the Billboard charts, but received mixed reviews.

Joan Jett didn’t release any new music this year, but she was a large part of the resurgence of The Runaways music, care of The Runaways film and its soundtrack. Her label, Blackheart Records, is also home to some of the best new rock acts, including Girl in a Coma, who has two out members and released Adventures in Coverland this year. And Todd Oldham published a book about her career, with Kathleen Hanna penning the introduction.

The Indigo Girls released two albums this year. First, they put out Staring Down the Dream, a live recording. Second was the Christmas album, Holly Happy Days. They took Chely Wright out with them on their winter tour.

Both Bitch and Animal released separate solo albums. Bitch’s Blasted was her second self-release from Short Story Records. Animal Prufrock’s congratulations; thank you + i’m sorry was the first offering from the musician since the split with Bitch, and came out on Ani DiFranco‘s Righteous Babe Records.

There was also a bit of a riot grrrl resurgence this year, with ’90s queercore groups like The Butchies, The Need and The Bang reforming for reunion shows. Also ex-Sleater Kinney members (and ex-girlfriends) Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein forged new musical groups: Corin spearheads The Corin Tucker Band and Carrie is part of the four piece Wild Flag. Carrie is also keeping busy writing a book about music and starring in a new IFC series called Portlandia with Fred Armisen, but fans are itching to hear her back on the guitar and mic.

Still, they can’t get away from their own reunion rumors, which Corin and Carrie say isn’t completely out of the question, but not in the works as of right now.

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