2008 Year in Review: Music


Much like Lady GaGa, Jess Origliasso of the Australian sister duo, The
Veronicas, has spoken very little about her bisexuality, but has been
photographed with out MTV VJ Ruby Rose, which was rumored to be a romantic
involvement. Her interest in women was further discussed when The Veronicas
released the video for "Take Me On The Floor," which featured women
dancing close and kissing at a nightclub.

The Veronicas’ Jess Origaliasso (left) with Ruby Rose

When asked about her sexuality and the video by Australia‘s The Herald Sun, Jess replied, "If a celebrity doesn’t come out
and make a statement about their sexuality they’re a ‘fake lesbian…’

I’m not going to be tricked into feeling like I have to make
a statement about something because everyone wants confirmation. I’ll just live
my life how I want. If they want to call me a fake lesbian and degrade my
sexuality and my choices, go ahead, I’ll just ignore it."

Similarly, both Katie Melua and Shelby Lynne addressed their
sexualities this year, with Melua telling the press not to ask about it
("People can think whatever they like … I like to keep some mystique
around my public image."), while Lynne told The Advocate it shouldn’t matter who she sleeps with.

"People are going to come up with whatever they want to
come up with on their own," Lynne said. "I don’t have to make
announcements. Come on!"

Mainstream success

While some artists were not interested in discussing their
private lives, others were more open to addressing their sexuality, including
Australian singer, Sia, who came out rather inconspicuously to
Attitudes Magazine when she divulged she was involved in a serious relationship
with a woman, later to be identified as J.D. Samson of Le Tigre.

Sia with J.D. Samson (far left)

Sia’s bisexuality was treated as a non-issue of sorts for
the singer, who told AfterEllen.com that she’d only dated men up until meeting

"The thing is I feel kind of straight because she’s
kind of like a boy," she said. "[My love interest] thinks I’m
straight. She’s like, ‘You’re straight; it’s just that your girlfriend is gay.’
So I’m straight, it’s just that my boyfriend’s a girl? She’s like, ‘I don’t
care, whatever you’d like.’"

Labels aside, Sia’s 2008 album Some People Have Real Problems was a hit, reaching number 26 on the
Billboard 200 and spawning singles "The Girl You Lost," "Day Too
Soon" and "Soon We’ll Be Found." She also had a song on the Sex and the City film soundtrack, and
performed on several late night talk shows.

Another Aussie transplant, Missy Higgins, achieved success
in 2008 with her album, On a Clear Night.

Despite being well-known and award-winning in her home
country, Missy was a relative newcomer to the U.S. this year, and her singles
like "Where I Stood" and "Steer" were picked up to play on shows
like Grey’s Anatomy. The album has
remained consistently high on Billboard charts, reaching number three on the
Top Heatseakers chart.

After coming out as bisexual in late 2007, Missy told
AfterEllen.com that several of her songs are written about relationships with
women, including "Secret" from On
A Clear Night

"When we first started our relationship," Missy
said, "[my girlfriend] was not comfortable with bringing it out into the
open, and I was so head over heels in love with her I kind of wanted to shout
it out to the world, so it was just a song about keeping something under the
covers and not being comfortable sharing something with the world, keeping it
away locked in a little room."

Since coming out and releasing her hit album, Missy has toured
with the Indigo Girls, Ben Folds and also headlined her own sold-out
international tours. For 2009, she’s working on a film version of the musical Bran Nu Dae alongside Oscar-winner
Geoffrey Rush.

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