20 scary movies with lesbian and bisexual characters getting busy


The Hunger (1983)

Who plays gay: Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve
Plot: A 2000-year-old vampire tries to find a new lover because she keeps outliving the ones she now keeps in the basement.
File Under: Cult classic with great music and bloody lesbian sex.

Satanic Panic (2009)

Who plays gay: Heather Chilson and Patricia Melone
Plot: A group of friends are accosted by a satanic cult while on a camping trip.
File Under: Two ex-girlfriends try to resist each other while also attempting to maintain sanity.

L’assassino ha riservatonove poltrone (The Killer Reserved Nine Seats) (1974)

Who plays gay: Eva Czemerys and Lucretia Love
Plot: A group of friends is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the theater where they work. But suddenly, they begin disappearing.
File Under: 1970s "whodunnit" with a lesbian couple amongst the suspects.

Hallows End (2003)

Who plays gay: Brandy Little and Amy Jo Hearron
Plot: A group of college kids work at a Haunted House for charity — until they begin dying off.
File Under: Low-budget movie featuring a girl who cheats on her boyfriend with her BFF.

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