20 scary movies with lesbian and bisexual characters getting busy

Cut (2000)

Who plays gay: Jessica Napier and Sarah Kants
Plot: A supernatural killer terrorizes a film crew attempting to make a horror film.
File Under:
Not much action, but fun enough for a slasher film.

She Creature (2001)

Who plays gay: Carla Gugino and Rya Kihlstedt
Plot: An evil mermaid telepathically controls a couple she meets when they were working on a carnival in the 1900s.
File Under: Carla Gugino as a temptress — always worth watching.

The Feeding (2006)

Who plays gay: Lynnili James, Kara Maria Amedon and Jennifer Leigh
Plot: An ancient, lycanthropic evil being is very hungry, and preys on a group of teenagers camping nearby.
File Under: Actual queer character who also has friends that kiss during truth or dare (before they die).

Haute Tension (High Tension) (2005)

Who plays gay: Cécile de France
Plot: A lesbian goes to the family home of her friend/crush, and a murderous intruder begins terrorizing them all.
File Under: Super scary with a twist that doesn’t look so good for lesbians.

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