16 Lesbian and Bisexual Badasses We Love

Helen Stewart (Simone Lahbib), Bad Girls

Badass credentials — We admit that sometimes we swoon instead of cower in front of G-Wing governing governor Helen Stewart. Yes, she’s fierce. Yes, she’s smarter than us. Yes, she can pull a face that would make a Rottweiler piss his pants. But sweet Lord, her accent just drives us to distraction. You want us to sit in that chair, Governor Stewart? You want us to work out how to be a good girl, Governor Stewart? You want us to meet you in the art room, Governor Stewart? Yes. Yes. A thousand yeses for every command you could ever think to bark at us.

Katchoo, Strangers in Paradise

Badass credentials — So maybe she can work a semi-automatic with one hand. And maybe she can thrax you with her eyes closed. And maybe she’s got a temper hotter than the inside of the sun. Because yes: Katina Choovanski used to be a mobster. But she’s Francine’s little mobster. She’s actually quite cute when she’s not breaking her hand on a table just because she’s worried you’re going to break her best friend’s heart. (Yeah, OK — even then, she’s cute.)

Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace), Millennium Trilogy

Badass credentials — Remember that thing you did that one night that one summer by that lake out by whatever place when you were high and no was one around? No? You don’t remember? Well, Lisbeth Salander remembers. She remembers everything. She’s a stealthy super-genius with crazy genetic spy skills and if you hurt the people she loves, she will light you on fire. Literally.

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