15 lesbian-themed Halloween costume ideas


10. Cosima Niehaus (Clone!)


What you need: Dreads wig, geek glasses, a smile that would melt the sun.
Why it’s awesome: You can take your nerdspeak to 11 while dressed as Cosima from Orphan Black. Just Ravenclaw out all over the place! It’s totally in character! Also, French women will find you irresistible.

10. Santana Lopez (Cheerleader!)


What you need: Red-and-black cheerleading uniform, golf course-scented perfume, awesome gaydar.
Why it’s awesome: You know all that shit you want to talk, but are too afraid to talk it? As Santana Lopez, literally nothing is out of bounds. Open your mouth and let the real talk out.

11/12. Princess Bubblegum/Marceline (Soul mates!)


What you need: Bubblegum — Pink wig, pink dress, gold crown. Marceline — Red boots, jeans, grey tank top, electric guitar.
Why it’s awesome: Dressing up as Adventure Time‘s (subextual) power-couple is a good way to get your relationship back on track. Marceline’s not mean, she’s 1,000 years old, and she just lost track of her moral code. She’s not the one that should have to make up with you, but boy, does she want to.

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