15 lesbian-themed Halloween costume ideas


7. Mystique (Shape-shifter!)


What you need: Blue body paint, boobs.
Why it’s awesome: You have eyeballs, right?

8. Leslie Shay (EMT/Firefighter!)

Chicago Fire - Season 1

What you need: Just any old firefighter costume from Party City or something.
Why it’s awesome: Let’s say you’ve got a best best best friend. You spend all your time with her. You spend all your giggles with her. You spent all the money in your checking account last year buying her a first edition of Roald Dahl’s Someone Like You because she once mentioned Matlida was her favorite book when she was a kid. Spoiler alert: You’re in love with this girl. Convince her to dress up like a firefighter/EMT with you. When you get to the party, have a little laugh about how people always think Dawson and Shay are going to make out with each other on Chicago Fire, and take it from there.

9. Alison DiLaurentis as Cece Drake as Emily Fields (Ghost ninja!)


What you need: Shay Mitchell’s face.
Why it’s awesome: Your magical powers, hyperreal brain functions, and life forces regenerate 100 percent faster while wearing the mask, rendering you immortal and unstoppable.

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