15 lesbian-themed Halloween costume ideas

4. Sailor Neptune (Solar System protector!)


What you need: Sea green wig, skirt, and choker. White blouse. Tiara. Enormous navy blue bow.
Why it’s awesome: Because she’s Sailor Moon‘s seer who controls the sea and protects the entire universe from getting destroyed every other day, and when she teams up with her girlfriend — Sailor Uranus (same costume, different colors) — they control the sky too. This costume is a good litmus test for manga and anime fans, and also a good excuse to straight up ask a girl how she feels about sea cucumbers.

5. Renee Montoya (The Question!)


What you need: Sexy suit, tank top (or shirt/tie combo), fedora, faceless face-mask.
Why it’s awesome: When DC launched The New 52, The Question was left out in the cold, so if you bring her back with your Halloween costume, you’re not only doing the world a favor, you’re also destined for some canoodling with Batwoman herself.

6. Kate Kane (Batwoman!)


What you need: Black: bodysuit, gloves. Red: boots, cape, rd wig, lipstick, bat symbol.
Why it’s awesome: Batwoman is the most recognizable lesbian character in the wide world of comics, so you’re instantly recognizable as a badass gay lady. If you’re feeling shy or aloof, you can hide behind your mask. If you’re feeling confident and bold, you can lead with a joke about what you’ve got going on in that utility belt.

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