10 TV characters who need to just come out already

4 & 5. Jane and Maura, Rizzoli & Isles


Honestly, it’s just getting ridiculous at this point for these two to keep claiming to be straight.

6. Quinn Fabray, Glee


There’s a reason Quinn can never stay happy with any of the million boys she dates and a reason why all her selfless acts are for the benefit of one person (Rachel Berry) and a reason why her favorite Yale pastime is attending Jodie Foster‘s Clambakes and a reason she had sex with Santana not once, but twice. And that reason is: gay.

7. Stahma Tarr, Defiance


Stahma loves power more than she loves anything else in the world, but the thing she loved second most was her sexytime shenanigans with Kenya Rosewater. She was willing to risk her reputation, her family, and even her life for those stolen moments of Sapphic bliss. Sure, she ended up poisoning her (possibly) to death, but it was like the first thing she’d ever been sorry about in 5,000 years.

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