10 Fictional Kids That Tried to Ruin Our Lives

Bobby Draper/Henry Mills, Mad Men/Once Upon a Time

Oh, Bobby/Henry. You’re supposed to be an adorable juxtaposition to the moral decay displayed by the adults in your life, but you grate on me so much, I end up rooting for the bad guys. Go bang your head against the wall.

Angelica, The L Word

Angelica “Portard” Kennard-Porter ruined my life with her adorableness. Seriously, man. That kid was flawless. Remember when she waved from her highchair? Remember when she went gunslinging with Aunt Kit’s piece? Remember when whe was perfect always? She probably killed Jenny. That’s how wonderful she was. But she was a ruiner. She ruined my potential children’s futures. If I ever have a child of my own, I could never love it as much as I loved Angie. 

Kaitlin Cooper, The O.C.

With her family on the brink of being evicted and shunned, Kaitlin Cooper could only think of her horse. “What?! I love China! She’s the prettiest pony!” A couple of years later, she killed a dude with her mind games.

Cassidy Casablancas, Veronica Mars

Let’s see: Raped Veronica Mars, blew up a bus full of students, ruined one of the greatest female-centric shows on television, and what else? Let’s just go ahead and blame him for derailing Kristen Bell’s movie career. Fucking Beaver.

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